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again, and it was a tense finish but the ravens come out on top. joe flacco and the ravens wanted to send ray lewis in to return as a champion, and they look like chant in the right out of the gate. flacco throws his third touchdown to jacoby jones. he makes a nice move to get into the end zone. there is the catch, and there he goes. that was followed by a kickoff return by jacoby jones. he had just an incredible night, along with the rest of the ravens, before a 34-minute power outage delayed the game. san francisco did get back in the game with a few touchdowns, but on the final drive, raven's defense held on. 34-31. john harbaugh comes out on top. >> to my partners, dick, ozzie, john, and all of our fans back in baltimore, we are bringing another one home for you. >> it is never pretty, it is never perfect, but it is us. >> it feels great to leave as a champ, to go out on your last ride with the men that i went out with, with my teammates. you look around the stadium, and baltimore, baltimore, we are coming home, baby! >> fan celebrating down timbre certainly in full force last
of it. ray lewis leading the baltimore pregame huddle one last time. second quarter, joe flacco and the ravens, they're up 14-3. looking for more on 3rd and 10. flacco looking long for jacoby jones and he's got him. jones falls down, making the grab, gets up, puts on some quick moves and heads to the end zone. what a touchdown! baltimore up at the half. jones back to receive, opening kickoff of the second half. he returns it 108 yards for the score, ties the longest kickoff return in nfl history. ravens cruising, up 28-6. so you think it's a blowout, right? just over a minute later, the power just goes out at the superdome. it was a crazy scene. the game delayed for 35 minutes. after that, the power turned on for the niners. colin kaepernick runs for the 15-yard score. niners down 31-29. 1:50 to play, fourth and goal needed. but kaepernick overthrows michael crabtree and baltimore wins it 34-31, the final score. john gets the best of jim, and ray lewis wins a second super bowl in his final game. dan hellie joins us now from new orleans with more. it wasn't the big easy, but the
on top. >> joe flacco and the ravens wanted to send ray lewis into retirement as champions and look like champion's right out the gate. joe flacco, third touchdown of the game to jacoby jones. catching a pass falling down. the start of the second half -- have to get the end zone dance in. start of the second half, jacoby jones returned 108 yard kickoff for a touchdown. and then a 34-minute power outage. san francisco, when the lights came back on, scored a few touchdowns but on the final drive the ravens -- just long enough. the ravens win their second championship in franchise history. the final score -- yep, had a chance but out of reach. the ravens when the ball game by 34-31. the second championship in franchise history and john harbaugh comes out on top in the super bowl. >> john, and all of our fans back in baltimore, we are bringing another one home. >> it is never pretty, it is never perfect, but it is us, and that is us today, the way we do it. >> nobody wins -- as a champ to go out on your last ride would amend i went out with, my teammates. you look around the stadium and balt
that -- he is totally besieged by photographers. >> joe flacco is about to get into a military humvee. i was really surprised that he did not come to the microphone. ed reed, ray lewis, coach harbaugh, all of them went to the microphone. they have gone to disney world and made the tv talk show circuit. he wants to get to the parade. he might speak to their. >> you have to remember that joe flacco was not someone like ray lewis will likes to talk to the people. >> very true. >> they are totally different personalities. >> very true. >> ray lewis, there he is scared look at how much she is loving this. this is his day. this is his last super bowl. this is a man who is soaking up every bit of love and attention from this city. let me tell you, they are sending a lot his way. and look at the crowd. if we can pan a little bit that way, we can show the crowd talking to rayless. they are sending out baltimore love his way. they loved themselves some ravens. this is one of the hat is crowds you ever see today. everybody looking right now at ray lewis. he is pounding his heart. that is
. they will see joe flacco, that will be the challenge. joe flacco took the rave toons three playoff wins to earn their way into the super bowl. these are two teams that don't see that much of each other. last thanksgiving the first harbowl happened. joe flacco feels he is familiar with the 49ers. >> i don't think we definitely got a sense for what kind of game this might be. so, um, i don't know if there is any carry-over but you get a sense for what kind of team this is. >> explosive offense. joe flacco can make every throw. strong quarterback and the receivers are strong. physical guys. they make all the catches. joe flacco makes all the throws. it will be a challenge for us. we played against a lot of great quarterbacks, being under coach, this guy here, he is a good quarterback as well. >> reporter: all the elements are in place. how do you like the way the super dome is lit up? never seen it look this good. feels like weave been wall to wall, tuesday means is the media days. players get asked if you are a tree, what kind of tree would you be? we will be all over that tomorrow. see you tonig
little bit. >> 5:42. joe flacco had a busy monday. >> you can catch joe downtown for the victory parade. >> i'm alive at city hall where the parade will begin. >> good morning. kim dacey checking on your morning commute. there is word of an accident on security boulevard. that is in front of the social security administration. another crash southbound at 295 blocking the right lane. parade closures downtown. commerce street over to pratt street and on to howard street. 64 on 70 in towards the beltway. very light volume. same story on the harrisburg expressway. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> good morning. some cloud cover left behind. we don't expect any trouble this morning. 29 in parkton. the clipper did not produce much snow. a possibility of a snow flurries this morning. a mixture of sun and clouds. there will be one more clipper storm we're watching. this could produce some snow flurries tonight. a mixture of sun and clouds. chilly but not bad for this time of year. northwest wind at 10 to 15 miles per hour. dry weather wednesday and thursday. we will watch a coastal sto
for joe flacco. >> he had a fabulous game. pete gilbert joins us where there is some interesting news today. >> we will talk about that interesting news item, but joe flacco had a chance -- and i had a chance to chat with him. he is on top of the world. he completed one of the greatest post-season runs for a quarterback. is he in a different? what do you think? of course not. he was there with his wife and being absolutely like he has been. as far as a game last night the reason he is the mvp, he was fantastic. the shortfall, the ball, whatever he needed to do. he evaded a good san francisco rush, making plays as well. 11 touchdowns, zero interceptions. only joe mantegna has declared that effort. his wife dana is pregnant once again. the last time they played the 49ers, he learned that inflation, too. >> last year and we played the 49ers we told my family after the game on things giving and it happened to work out this way again so it is a good look thing, i think. >> do you want to play the 49ers' again? >> i do not know. i might end up with too many kids. i do not know how to handle
in the first drive. it's joe flacco to boldin. mr. reliable throughout the playoffs. he has been stellar but then the 49ers michael james tossing it up and that leads to another touchdown flacco this time to pitta. 14-3 now. and then jones show me what i've got. 56 yards on the back. get up no one touched you. finding pay dirt and it's 21 to 3 and you're starting to think it and jacoby jones drives it home. 108 yards ants opening kick off of the second half -- and the opening kick off of the second half. then the lights go out. kaepernick and harbaugh regroup. crabtree and two defenders and it comes down to crabtree again and to no avail. the ravens pull off the big win 34-31 superbowl xlvii ray lewis said this is the last ride and talks about what it means to him and his children. >> see my kids and to bring them to the championship now where they can understand it when daddy talks about hard work and never quitting and always believe in your dreams and your goals. there's no better reward as father to win a ring on your last ride than my kids being by my side. >> proud dad right there.
showers for friday. slight chance of flurries in the weekend. >> the superdome in new orleans. joe flacco have learned to choose his words wisely as it focuses'in on game./ -- on sunday's >> hello america. tonight's mega million jackpot is estimated at ptomaine dollars -- at $12 million. 27, 47, 12, 46, 8. the mega ball is 6. if no one matches the numbers, friday could be $13 million. >> now 11 sports. >> countdown continues in new orleans. the super bowl xlvii showdown between the ravens and the forty-niners. joe flacco has a 40 foot tall picture of himself. he stepped into the spotlight today here at the superdome. very early on apologizing for using the word retarded and the describing' s plans to hose -- in tocribing the nfl's plans host the super bowl outside next year. he hopes it is his claim that gets more attention than his comments or his personality. >> i do not know if i would say i am told but i am probably close to it. we have played 's some big games but nothing quite like this. it will be interesting to see how we react. i think that will handle that pretty well but you n
they held tight and charm city is a champion. joe flacco found boldin in the back of the end zone and he was throwing the ball all over the yard. after a 49ers fumble james coughing it up and flacco finds one one of his favorite targets. again blacko to jones and into the end -- flacco and jones and into the end zone. and you think it could happen. they are on the run and jones is on the run. 108 yards. at this point it's 28 to 6 and the route is on. and the lights go out in the super dome breathing new life into the 49ers and collin kaepernick. 17 unanswered points by san francisco. and we have a game coming down to a goal line stand right there. 4th and 5. overthrowing crabtree and baltimore has won its second superbowl title and who would you rather hear from than the original raven ray lewis. >> no mater what we went through we found a way to keep fighting and that's why we are world champions. so my ride personally, how else do you say thank you how else do you say thank you to your teammates and to the city that never stopped believe in me and the team because now we take the troph
for a second time. we will send it over here where joe flacco is getting into his humvee with the super bowl trophy and they are getting ready to take off. this parade starting about one hour late but nobody complaining here, in front of city hall. eventually this parade will make its way down to the stadium where they will have a massive rally there. it was supposed to take place at 12:30 p.m. and obviously it will not happen in. but at some point today it will happen. as the parade comes through you can see joe flacco coming by right now. the mvp super bowl champion. thousands of fans lining the streets getting ready for this victory parade. reporting live in baltimore john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> great scene and fantastic reporting. right there next to joe flacco. officials meanwhile at the superdome say they are not concerned -- they had concerns about the power outage months before. a spokesman for the company that oversees the stadium says tests showed some decay and chance of failure. louisiana spent more than $1 million on superdome improvements, with more than $600,000 for the elec
. there was a batt between the two head coach brothers, joe flacco's mvp performance and the nonlip-synching performance from beyonce. >> the longest game. >>our hours and some odd minutes. thsuper bowl gives a big boost to businesses but one local company took a big hit. >> they're pretty happy about this. debra alfarone tells us the story of how 600 baltimore ravens fans might be sitting on brand-new living room furniture tonight watching this story. >> look at him go. past the 50. >> reporter: how does this. >> inside the 20, what a kickoff return, 109 yards and a touchdown. >> reporter: turn into this? again, an end zone dance into end tables for everyone? gardeners furniture, a baltimore based family owned furniture chain is giving away more than a half million coffee tables. f couches to before you run for the door, there's a catch. >> the deal was you had to come in thsday, friday, saturday or sunday and we cut it off at 3:00. >> reporter: that's gary molini. if the ravens one back either the opening kickoff or the second half kickoff for a touchdown, they'll let you have it
the critical mistakes? more faith than? colin kapernick or pull joe flacco. >> @been breaking down tape and watch games for hours while i was eating my deniers. i weiss is to quarterbacks and i think colluded that i don't have any idea who will make the first mistake because kapernick is the youngest of the two. he only started nine games >> you deduced nothing. >> but nine games. >> he's been outstanding for the most part. everything is good. he's a young guy so you just don't know when he may hit the wall. candidate -- handle the big stage. >> so far he has done well. you just know when he's going to stop. on the other side you you have joe flacco has been outstanding of the playoffs. the regular season he has to get play. you will never know when that runs out. >> well you answer the question. >> which will be the best? >> i don't no. [ laughter ]. this is going to be really tight. >> let's break it down. if i had faith dated one guy over the other cool joe flacco. that's right. >> i will pray for you. kapernick is a wildcard in could be the highest of highs the deed -- be down lo
do you have more faith in? cool joe flacco? >> i is been breaking down tape, and i watched these two quarterbacks and i have come to the conclusion that i don't have any idea who will make the first mistake. colin kaepernick is the youngest of the two. he started nine games. >> but nine games with colin kaepernick. he has been outstanding. throwing the ball. everything is good. he is a young guy. you don't know when he may hit the wall. can he handle the big stage? the other thing on the other side, so far, he has done well. you don't know when it's going to stop. on the other side, joe flacco who has been outstanding. you know he had his ups and downs. he is trying to get paid. you know when that's going to run out. >> will you answer the question? >> which quarterback is going it be the best? i don't know. i have no idea. this is going to be really tight. >> here's how we will break it down. i think if i had faith in one guy over the other guy -- that's exactly right. it's the safe pick. kapernick is a wild card. he would be the highest, but he can be down low. i think cool joe
in a little hug. 1st quarter ravens 3rd and 4, joe flacco to anquan boldin, 13- yard strike, ravens on the board first. less than two minutes in the fist half ravens already have 14-3, flacco steps up, jacoby jones behind chris culliver and makes the grab and gets back up because he was untouched and finds his way into the end zone, ravens up 21-3. all right. nice halftime speech, everybody comes out fired up. maybe the ravens a little bit more. the kickoff to start the 2nd half, jacoby jones out of the end zone from 8 yards deep and he's going right up the middle to match the nfl record for the longest kickoff return, 108 yards, ravens cruising 28-6. could this be a super bowl blowout? ray lewis playing in his final game and he ex halts in jim harbaugh, can't believe it. then 8:37 happens and the lights go out. results in a 34 minutes delay of game. the momentum switched. crabtree bounces off a few guys in the end from 31 yards, deficit cut. 10 minutes left, 9ers down 31- 23, kaepernick dangerous with those wheels in from 15 oint. the two-point conversion fails but 49ers within tw
congratulations. jim: john, congratulations to you. super bowl champions. we're looking for joe flacco, the m.v.p. of the super bowl. joe. [cheers and applause] a little symbolic passing the torch there as ray lewis slaps oun the back and you really have, in this postseason, become the man for the ravens. and the future. tell me about this performance by your team and winning the world championship. >> it's unbelievable. i tell you what, we don't make it easy. but that's the way the city of baltimore is. that's the way we are. you know, we did this for them back home. we had a great sendoff and we can't wait to get back there for the parade. jim: lift that trophy in the air one more time here, joe flacco. there you go. and hand it off to ray lewis. >> baltimore! jim: how do you describe it, ray? how do you describe it, going out as a champion? >> it's simple. when god is for you, who can be against you? it's no greater way as a champ to go out on your last ride with the men that i went out with, with my teammates. and you looked around this stadium and baltimore, baltimore, we coming home, ba
dark but credit card machines and escalators were affected. >> joe flacco earned the super bowl mvp honors. it capped offer a brilliant playoff run. he ended up with 11 touchdowns and no interceptions in four post-season games. >> we are talking about the big game on facebook this morning. we want to know what you did think of ray's last ride and flacco being named mvp? share your comments with us on facebook. >>> taking a break from the super bowl for a moment, president obama says the economy is showing signs of recovery. >> he sat down with cbs news for an exclusive interview before last night's game. >> housing is overing. manufacturing is going strong. car sales are up. truth is is that overall, there were a lot of positive signs in the economy. >> reporter: the u.s. economy is taking a step forward but some economists say on the a slow path. some say one of the things holding up progress is folks in washington. president obama is calling on lawmakers to work on a balanced approach to deal with the deficit. >> republicans are unwilling to touch revenue. they say let's deficit s
return as champions. life is good when you're the super bowl mvp. we'll show you how joe flacco spent his mvp monday. >>> plus dan hellies recaps it. when "news4 at 6 >>> breaking news out of the baltimore. there is a four-alarm fire in the downtown section. we're told it's in a lumberyard on pennsylvania avenue in baltimore. it's near the campus of the university of baltimore just several blocks north of lexington market. it looks like quite a fire that's gone on, four alarms having sounded so far. we'll have more as details become available. >>> we have our first official candidate for next year's d.c. may i don't recall race. tommy wells formally established his exploratory condition. a and. >>> congress is expected to begin looking at changing federal marijuana laws. they might begin that explore ace tomorrow. >> it would require growers to obtain a federal permit. the push to change it follows decisions by colorado and washington state to legalize pot. >>> john mccain is making for apologies about a treat about ahmadinejad, a remark criticized as racist by smm. he tweeted -- he wants
consagracion" de el mariscal de campo joe flacco... 22 pases completos -- 287 yardas y 3 touchdowns... cantelo,,, que joe flacco es el jugador mas valioso del super tazon... --que paso con san francisco??.... simplemente tardaron en generar su juego ofensivo,, y claro,,, esto les costo muy caro a los 49ers... back 2 chroma juanfra live ---en el segmento deportivo tendre para ustedes el resumen de este super tazon numero 47... --blanca,,, cesar... topvo cesar ---estas son imagenes que seguramente se repitieron por toda la bahia... miles de aficionados de los 49ers vivieron con angustia todo el juego, pero sobre todo hacia el final, cuando parecia que el equipo de casa lograria la hazana nunca antes lograda en un super tazon... topvo blanca ---en caso de una victoria de los niners, el departamento de policia de san francisco desplego mas de 100 agentes adicionales para patrullar las calles de la mision. ---en total, 25 personas fueron detenidas, en su mayoria por ebriedad en la via publica. ---despues del juego, los agentes se concentraron cerca de bares para cerciorarse que los aficionados no s
flacco -- quarterback joe flacco holds the record for most wins in the playoffs. he's only in his fifth creer. he's been to the playoffs every year since coming into the league. he is drawing praise from his team. now, over the course of his reign as nfl commissioner. >> what's different about the defense? >> what's different about this ravens team? >> the play of joe flacco. he's been balling. you ain't got to do much when you have a quarterback who's balling. >> he's accurate, he's tough, he's a competitor. he's a winner. he's a leader. and he's ours. he's a raven. that's the thing i like about him the best. >> now, over the course of his reign, commissioner roger goodell has made it his mission to make the game of football much safer from stricter penalties to doctors on the sideline. of course, that's being met with many mixed emotions. some think it slows down the game and takes away from it. others like president obama say it's a good thing for the game. in an interview that was released on sunday, president obama said that if he had a son, he would not allow him to play the suppo
comparison -- joe flacco, we talked a lot about colin kaepernick. what is it about joe flacco's game that has impressed you, and especially his performance in the postseason, throwing touchdowns and no picks? >> eight touchdowns, no certification interceptions. has really done a fantastic job. really great watching a volleyball match going on while we're talking here. the thing that's been impressive with him, since they made all the changes on the offensive line, you know, they took -- >> changed coordinators. >> on the inside, come back around the other way. three different position moves on that offensive line, only four sacks allowed in three games. now when you have that kind of protection for a guy like flacco, who has been through the wars, you know. this guy has been in those big games against the pittsburgh steelers. and on the road against some of the toughest teams like the patriots and peyton manning in denver. so i think that at least historically, you would say joe flacco and the ravens have the edge. because he has the experience coming into this big game. but i don't know if c
job. >> joe flacco knows how to win a football game. it is all about getting a r ing. good morning. >> thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> 5:01. john has some snow in the forecast. >> wednesday was like summer. we are back to when the time. a lot of their readings are freezing point.ings ar we have a few flurries. we expect some light snow shower activity this morning. then the wind picks up and the sun comes back. now we want to check on the traffic. >> we have some areas of flooding left over for that rain, especially to the south. anne arundel county, there's a closure for some flooding. route 648 at nursery road, an area to avoid. looking good on the outer loop of the beltway. 22 minutes on 95 south down between the 95 betw's. things are looking good at harford road. this is the harrisburg expressway and things are looking good. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> welcome to the biggest purple friday of the year. rallies are planned just about everywhere today. >> sarah sampson is live at the inner harbor to kick things off this morning. we begin with jennifer fr
harbaugh brother who left frustrated. under two minutes left first half and third and 10 and joe flacco with the bomb to scow jaw kobe -- jacoby jones. jones gets up and it is 21-6 ravens at the half. >> baltimore opens it up with a bang and jones again takes the kickoff into the end zone. aloha. 108 yards and that is an nfl record, 28-6 ravens. >> and then the power goes out. a 34-minute delay. maybe it is settled -- maybe it settled the niners down because they came out on fire. kaepernick to crabtree and not to be denied and 31 yards and 28-13 ravens. >> frank gore then gets the ball and has six of his 110 yards rushing into the end zone. a great fake by colin. had everyone fooled. 28-20 ravens. >> the fourth quarter and this is super bowl history. it is a cap on a 15-yard touchdown. two-point play did not convert. 31-29 and third and long for the ravens and flacco to tory smith. baltimore gets a first down and they kick a field goal and up by five. >> under two to play and fourth and goal for the 49ers. kaepernick throw itself to crabtree and it is incomplete. jim harbaugh thought t
of him and what he has done there. >> i have been a joe flacco fan, but for him to come in and do what he done today and make some of the throws he made that's what we have always seen. we always said that when you win a championship, one man won't win a ring. it will be a complete team. today we won it as a complete team. >> the final score 34-31. >> the players were in shock afterwards. they know they had a great season. to come five yards away from their 6th super bowl title. the media was shocked because we have never covered a team that lost a super bowl. it was tough to come that close and then lose on the big stage jie. it was a wild game. 9er fans riding the wave of emotion, the rollercoaster back and forth. abc7 news reporter wayne freedman has more on the faithful. basically he is a joe flacco bomb away from us. wayne, take it away. >> hi, larry. the bigger the stage, the bigger the expectations. this is what is left of the superdome. the goalposts are gone. the fans are gone and the ground is colored with a color opposite than what fans hoped. at least the lights are shining. l
years. come something, he is something special. a great teammate through the week. >> joe flacco got a few laughs during the late show with david letterman last night. flacco also talked about the tea sire to sign a new contract with the rav an and how he would like to be with the team his entire career. >> i'm sure they would like him to be as well. they will make it worth his time. >> it will be payday pretty soon no joe flacco. money won't be an issue. >> hopefully, weather won't be an issue up this in baltimore today. tucker barnes is standing by live out there because the big parade is going to be happen nation few hours and tucker, i actually hear that maybe you should get your own float because it is national weather persons day. did you know that? >> that is huge, sarah. >> i know. >> and in years past, julie has brought me a cake so hopefully, she'll step it up this year. have i to practice my ray lewis dance to try to stay warm out here. >> go ahead. >> i'll show it to you later, not now. we have the official parade this morning at 10:45. is it starts here in baltimore city
mvp joe flacco made a pit stop at des ni -- disney world. he will be back in time for the parade. >> big brother beat little brother. the ravens quickly started the celebration last night. it included a performance from marry j. blige and other celebrities. at one point the team may have lost track of the lombardi. >> we haven't seen this since last night. we thought we lost it. >> tomorrow the fans will have a chance to celebrate during baltimore's victory parade. lauren cook has all the details on ask downtown roads will be shut down. >> reporter: the parade kicks whoever at 10:45 tomorrow morning at baltimore city hall, then to pratt and howard street ending at m&t bank stadium. there will be a celebration. parking is free in stadium lots f, g, h and j. no tailgating is permitted. to avid congestion on the road, you can use transit. >> head to abc2news.com/traffic and you can follow lauren on twitter at lauren cook, abc2. >>> all new at 5:30 a tour bus returning from a california resort never made it home. the bus hit a pickup truck on a remote highway about 80-miles from l.a.
and bp quarterback joe -- superbowl mvp quarterback joe flacco. going inside, then outside, mindy is standing by with ravens fans. >> take a look over here, first. you are watching fans streaming out of the superdome. for a long time it was sad for the niners fans. how are you all feeling right now? go ravens. >> what a game. were you on the edge of your seats? >> i was hanging on to my seats and the booing the forty-niners fans. >> how did it feel when the power went out? did it freak you out? >> i was confused. >> were you just struggling? frustrated? >> bill bella check was in the house. i swear. >> we did not give up, in true ravens style. >> the light was on on our side of the stadium. >> was this the experience of a lifetime for you? >> absolutely. >> the best game you'll ever see. >> joe flacco, how did you feel about him getting mvp? >> he is the man. >> what are you doing right now? >> driving back to alabama, then back to boston. >> thank you for joining us. john? >> jim harbaugh, the way that they played they proved it. they showed it today the with a bounced back at th
..its awesome"(dancing pmegan nd man) " this is history being made.. " joe flacco takes his own hotos... reciprocate... (nats-screaming) the rrwd presses forward to watch theiirheros... bring home he victtry.... "look at & ll theee people its aaesome!" 3 somee re busting olicee barriiades to run alongsidd (lady yelling) "ray lewis.... -3 ray lewis" pplice can't hold ttem back... (nat pop crrwd & and choas on street 3 sec)) the fann join parade..... ss &pthe streets moving mass of hummnity..... 33 ad lib 3 -3 3 ad lib ad lib 3 -3 3 the paradd ended at m & t baan &psttdiuu whhre onnehundred inside.thousands of baltimore -3 ravens fans cheeerd, sang, &pdaaced aa players weree introduced into thre stadium. the special teams, offense and defense ere introduced.once - on stage... twooof tteebiggess & avens spoke to the crowdd.. -3& 3 22-39"hey this is for you guys.......... this is awesome." awesome." 3 1000129"there is nothing ii the worrd........this city, e other..........in each ooher baltimore.. you can watch alllthe festivities on our ebs
lewis play football. >> joe flacco hasn't had much time to sit down and think about the win. he went to disney world, made an appearance on late night tv. >> joe flacco, come on out. [music] nice tune. flacco tells david he plans to start contract talks with the ravens. it's about time he is becoming a free agent. during the season, when they were done, he could come to his office and pound on the desk, he is going to put the trophy there and say what do you got. >> jones was probably happy with him sigh when he ran back the opening kickoff in the second half of the super bowl scoring a touchdown, but probably had no idea how happy me made customers. the store promised to eat the cost of furniture bought between january 31sts and 3:00 p.m. super bowl sunday. we will look inside the paris school, see how the kids who get a career in professional sports, where it all starts. that's a health alert tonight at 11:00. >>> latest on a story we brought you as breaking news, a massive fire at a lumberyard is now under control. linda so is here with an update on the firefighters who were taken
dominating 14-3. joe flacco throws deep to jacobi jones. he makes the catch and gets up and runs in the 56-yard touchdown. i love that. the ravens lead 21-6. jones cakes it out from eight yards deep and end up matching the nfl record for the longest kickoff return. 108yards for the touchdown appear a 22-point lead. this is about 8:37:00 p.m. eastern time. the lights in the superdome went out resulting in a 34- minute delay of the game. so, when the lights came back on, the momentum switched. colin kaepernick through for a touchdown and ran another one in but came up just short on a pass that would have given them the lead. joe flacco was named mvp and ray lewis retires a champion. >> it is no greater way as a champ to go out on your last ride with the men that i went out with, with my teammates and you looked around this stadium and baltimore, baltimore, we are coming home, baby. >> we don't make it easy. but that is the way the city of baltimore is. that is the way we are. you know, we did this for them back home. we hay great sendoff and we can't wait to get back there for the parade. >>
. >>> a wild couple of days for your super bowl mvp. where joe flacco spent times hours after winning the game and when he is expected back to charm city. >>> we will tell you what council is doing regarding those in charge of your getting your children to and from school safely. i'm charley crowson. >> i'm megan pringle. thank you for joining us on this tuesday morning. the big day in baltimore, today is the victory parade. we have life team co. ahead coverage. we got to get a forecast on how things are going to be. lynette charles is standing by with a look. >> looking good. that clipper was a dud. fizzled out before it came over the mountains. this is called virga, it's not hitting the ground. we will stay dry through the rest of the morning. late tonight, maybe a few flurries popping up. it is going to be a dry day on tap, mostly cloudy skies. the temperature at 31 degrees arnold. 30 bel air. 29 baltimoe dealing with temperatures that are above average. we should be at 25 for this time of the year. as we go in to the afternoon we won't be as cold as we have been. by lunchtime, 39. high tem
a comeback. john versus jim, joe flacco a 13-yard touched, 7-0 ravens. 49ers were dragging but james gets stripped and baltimore recovers with a loose ball. flacco takes the ravens 75 yards. 14-3. next, san francisco possession, kaepernick is the first niner to throw and interception in a superbowl. then late in the first half, flacco airs it out to wide open jones, no one touches him. he goes 56 yards, third touchdown, 21-6 at the half. jones take the kickoff and goes all the way 108 yards, tying the all-time record, 28-6 ravens. then power surge delayed the game 34 minutes. then they find the end zone, kaepernick to crabtree, after 49er stop, frank gore and 28-20. baltimore looking to stop the bleeding but rice has the ball knocked loose by brown. niners back in business. david akers wound up kicking a 34-yard field goal. 28-23. fourth quarter, ka per nick. -- kaepernick goes 15 yards. and 2-point conversion made then to the ravens seven yard line. 49ers can't punch it in. kaepernick to crabtree and the pass falls incomplete. jim harbaugh thought there should have been a holding penalty
for a pregame handshake 2nd quarter, 1:55 left, 14-3 baltimore joe flacco - heaves it down the field and jacoby jones catches it while falling down on his back - he gets up untouched and races in for the 56 yard touchdown - chris culliver beaten in coverage 21-3 bal flacco: 22/33, 287 yards, 3 td's ravens lead 21-6 at halftime second half kickoff- another huge play for jones who takes it 8 yards deep in the end zone and brings it out - and takes it straight up field - he's off to the races nfl record tying 108 yards for the touchdown! 28-6 bal then - the light's went out at the super dome! happened with 13:22 left in the 3rd with the ravens leading 28-6 the delay lasted 35 minutes the game turns after the blackout - midway through 3rd quarter - kaepernick a laser beam to michael crabtree who breaks two tackles and runs in for the 31 yard touchdown 28-13 bal kaepernick: 16/28, 302 yards, 1 td, 1 int split screen - jim on the left loves it, john not so much 4th quarter, 9:57 left, 31- 23 bal - kaepernick rolls out left and takes it for the 15 yard touchdown - longest td run by qb in super bowl hi
coming up in sports. ann, who's a better quarterback colin kaepernick or joe flacco. >> of course it's kaerp nick. who are you kidding? of course. >> good answer. very good answer. we're going to compare them coming up. >> oh, good. thank you. >>> hey, when you're watching the game tomorrow, it might be hard to think of this. the sight of such excitement more than seven years ago and for just one week in 2005 just after hurricane katrina thousands of victims took shelter inside. it took $336 million to give the superdome a new roof, a new exterior skin and thousands of new seats. now, it's seen as a monument of try yufrp by the people of new orleans. >>> well, if you take a look at the frefrnl quarter you might think you're in san francisco with all the 49ers fans who traveled for the super bowl and as cbs reporter shows us, they can't wait until tomorrow. >> the streets are packed with people all decked out in their football best supporting their favorite teams. >> it's pretty amazing. we've -- that was last-minute decision to come down. neither one of us has ever been here to a sup
a higher compliment. joe flacco, eight touchdown, no interception. what's that? when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters. dennis. . >>> other than and the game itself, tuesday may be the most popular day during super bowl week. here's dennis. you got it, i don't know whether to call it media day or freak show. it's the most interesting gathering of football players and journalist. >> where you from. mexico. i'm from mexico and now i'm covering my 10th super bowl. welcome to media day. look at the crowd in the superdome. it's the one day characters and nfl players collide. we go in the locker room and replace the hair gel with glue. that sounds good. even katherine webb, the girlfriend of aj mccarron gets a credential in we're in the kitchen with one of brad and angelina's favorite chef. i'm in the media
a word before the kickoff. ray lewis is celebrating and savoring every little moment. joe flacco finds anquan boldin in the end zone for the touchdown. ravens strike quickly. 7-0. second quarter, 49ers down by 11. ed reed with the interception. from that point, things get chippy. the faplayers shuffling. ensuing possession, flacco looks deep. jacoby jones makes the catch, nobody touches him, though, little spin move, juke into the end zone. ravens take the lead, 21-3. now the kickoff coming out of halftime. 21-6 the ravens are up. jones takes the ball all of the way back, incredible return, 108 yards, that ties the record for the longest scoring play in super bowl history. it looks like the game is over at 28-6. the ravens get the ball back, and the lights go out in half the superdome. play stops. twitter goes crazy again. teams don't get back on to the field 34 minutes later. finally, finally, after the players stand around, lights come back on. the 49ers come alive. they scored 17 unanswered points in the third quarter. fourth quarter, they're down by 8, kaepernick gets flushed out o
49ers, 34-31 to win super bowl xlvii in new orleans. baltimore jumped out to a 26 -- joe flacco was named super bowl mvp. he threw three touchdown passes in the win. >>> of course, that led to this. while you were sleeping, the ravens fans were partying into the night. this was federal hill in baltimore. we've been keeping an eye on the celebrations. despite the mayhem, we haven't heard of arrests. just a lot excited fans. >> i've been 12 years for this. this is the best feeling i've had in my life. we're the team of des ni. >> it's more than a football game. it's about baltimore, the city, crazy fans. the city. city coming to unite. >>> ravens fans lucky or rich enough to
quarterback, joe flacco. >> we've been through a lot, a lot of highs, a couple lows. you guys stood through it all. you're a special group and we love you and, hey, man, it doesn't get any better than this. we appreciate you coming out. this was awesome. >> thank you. thank you for today. thank you for every single day. we talk about the team, look around. this is the team. this whole stadium is packed with the baltimore ravens team together. >> reporter: as the players exited the stadium, and steve bisciotti -- >> i had to make sure my grand daughter was here. >> reporter: such a magical day, that people wanted to stay but police used bull horns, encouraging them to leave. some were surprised by the overwhelming turnout. >> we've had team coverage of this vict torous day. -- victorious day. rosie, some of those folks had been waiting for hours. >> reporter: what a day. i don't think inbound was at work or -- anybody was at work or school. they filed in as early as 5:00 this morning to get a close-up spot of the baltimore ravens. a gazillion more were along the parade route. they road from
by game mvp joe flacco, they captured narrow 34-31 win over the san francisco 49ers. >> the super bowl belongs to baltimore! >> reporter: for awhile, it looked like the ravens would run away with the game. gentlemjacoby jones opened up t second half what 108-yard touchdown run. >> we lost power. don't know what happened. >> reporter: partial power went out. >> can everybody please back up please. >> reporter: once power was restored, the 49ers changed momentum. with less than 2:00 left, they had chance to win. it was the final game in the storied 17-year career of ray lewis. >> baltimore, we're coming home, baby! we did it. >> reporter: many, the vuper bowl is much more than just a game. >> there are two sides to go daddy. >> reporter: some tune in to see the commercials. before the opening kickoff, children from newtown, connecticut, scene of the sandy hook massacre joined jennifer hudson singing america the beautiful. at the half, beyonce was on fire. the game was seen by millions. u.s. troops in kandahar, afghanistan, took time to watch. it's going to be awhile before people forget
mas elogiados fueron joe flacco y el entrenador .... en la memoria de muchos, quedara este dia historico, donde un equipo joven celebra con sus fanaticos su segunda victoria en el superbawl... verdareramente lo que se vivio aqui fue una fiesta....... tanta gente hubo aqui, que el estadio se lleno antes de lo esperado y el trafico, retraso a los propios jugadores y las celebraciones... ...gracias a ambos..regresamos al ambito local...precisamente a washington.. esta ciudad tambien gano el primer lugar, pero en algo que no es tema de celebracion...segun un informe, la capital tiene el peor congestionamiento vehicular del pais... quien no ha tenido que enfrentar esto? sin poder acelerar ni una pulgada.... maniobrando de carril en carril... para avanzar un poco mas.... asi es washington dc y se convirtio en la ciudad con peor trafico vehicular de todo el pais... "turistas llegan a washington con frecuencia y tambien una gran fuerza laboral, especialmente los empleados federales que trabajan en la capital" en el 2011, conductores perdieron 67- horas varados en trafico... esto segu
to go rub it in his face tomorrow. baltimore, way to joe flacco. the leader ofr this new team. i like that woman saying she to let her coworkers know how it goes from now on. dick sporting-goods will open again at 6:00 a.m. for fans theirneeding to get championship gear. abc seven stay with coverage of the .uper bowl win photo gallery on our website, wjla.com. >> it is 5:07 right now. the debate over guns in america president obama traveling to in an effort to win support for his proposals. the white house says minneapolis taken important steps to reduce gun violence. meet withent will leaders and law enforcement officials in order to discuss what he calls set of common sense ideas to reduce gun violence. two northern virginia in als will be featured that looks aty possible warning signs for school shootings. that is the word from our wto the.at -- wtop. they signed an agreement with releasedls to not it the names of the schools used. it will air on pbs february 28. 26 degrees out. still ahead, funeral services will be held for the former new york city mayor. good morning. get up and
, especially joe flacco. >> as we walked off the field, he said, i thought things like that weren't supposed to happen in the super bowl. what did happen last night is he became a very, very rich man. >> that's exactly right. he made a bet on himself before the season. he turned down a tract extension, essentially betting on himself. obviously, he comes up with black jack right there. he'll wind up becoming one of the richest players in the nfl, and deservedly so. the quarterback on the other team, for whose who don't watch football all the time, showed you what the future of football is going to look like. the dynamic athlete, brought his team back to the brink of winning championship. we'll see him again. think the other quarterback will wind up being as good as anybody in the sport. >> we always rush to apply superlatives and legacy to what we see in the super bowls. for my money, last night, maybe the most memorable game played in nfl history. what do you guys, though, make of what we saw last night here in new orleans? >> obviously, the power outage will be a huge part of the story. tha
in the har-bowl? joe flacco three touchdown passes. the game's most valuable player. 11 touchdowns, no interceptions. that is getting it done. a bizarre scene in the second half when the lights went out. had a 35 minute delay. the 49ers seemed to feed off that. and late needing a touchdown the raven's defense comes up big. colin kaepernick. it's uncomplete and celebrate in baltimore. did they ever celebrate last night in the city? you name it, people were out and about in abundance celebrating second world championship and the first one since 2000. we're here at jimmy's restaurant and honored to be joined by the owner in the restaurant. and you've been here the owner since 1980. what does this mean to you and to the city? >> another great day. another great day for the city. another great year. it really is very emotional. you can't really -- not enough words. the team game through. all the neigh-sayers that said they'll never be anything. there they are world champs. >> you get choked up about this. seems like it's a community feel with the team and the city. do you get that sense
. the firefighter was burned on his back. esshe is expected to be okay. >>> ravens quarterback joe flacco will be celebrating his team's super bowl victory in florida. he'll be part of a parade at disney world kingdom for being named super bowl mvp. >>> it will be a good couple of months for flacco. he's a free agent and likely one of the highest paid quarterbacks. dan hellie was in new orleans for the game and has a closer look at how he led the ravens to victory. >> the ravens clearly relishing the role of underdogs. they were underdogs the entire post-season. when it mattered most, they played their best football. they beat the patriot and the broncos and now the san francisco 49ers in super bowl xlvii due in part to their quarterback. 11 touchdown passes, three of those coming in the super bowl here in new orleans against the 49ers and that's the reason he's the mvp. >> the bottom line is, the moment doesn't get too big. we're comfortable. we've been there before. we've failed before. we've succeeded before. we're not worried about the outcome. we go out there and play football, execu
? >> no doubt about it. cop lynn kaepernick is the rg3 after rg3 got hurt. then you have joe flacco. in the postseason he's been spectacular. eight touchdown passes, zero interceptions and after the super bowl, he could be a very rich man. you see, joe flacco is a free agent. ownership says we're not going to let him go anywhere. we want to re-sign him here. we're going to give him a long-term deal. but i'll tell you this, his coach and teammates really want the kid back because they like him. joe has transformed us in a lot of ways. obviously he's got talent. he's accurate, he's tough, he's a competitor. he's a winner. ehe's a leader. and he's ours. we plan on going out there every week. we've been in the playoffs every year. we got there with a great team. >> talking hockey now, the capitals have one win in six games so far. alex ovechkin, one goal in six games going into tonight's game in toronto. the good news is they're take on the maple leafs. 23 goals in 27 games against the leafs. the force was not with the capitals. let's tgo to toronto. ovechkin has stored a goal in every
. >> now you understand the meaning of the phrase every dog has his day. if joe flacco plays like a big dog on sunday, he will have quite an unpaid day. >> the jackpot has at an estimated annuity of $550,000. 35, 30, 27, 22, 43, 41. if no one match is the numbers, the multi matched jackpot is $650,000. next drawing is monday night at 11:22. >> now, 11 sports. >> interesting intersection of attention here in new orleans. fans have fled into the city today. they are ready to party. from now on, it is of football for the players. today they finished their media obligations. what it turned out for the press conference for joe flacco. not quite as they as beyonce's but you would have thought it was the state of the union address. he is in a good state emotionally and sued financially. he is a free agent at the end of this season. the ravens will not let him get away. flacco turned down a multi-year offer in the range of $100 million. a win will make him and the league's quarterback. you canmake a case he already is an elite quarterback. >> it is simple. we cannot agree on a number. i did not rea
the ravens struck first joe flacco hitting boldin for the 13-yard touchdown. if you saw it once before it's the play they ran against new england. after recovering a fumble they drove for another score and this one to pitta making it 14- 3. later in the second, one of the plays of the game a 56 yard bomb to jones gets up and to the end zone but this is not the last time you hear his number call. it's that. tying the nfl record for 108 yards with a touchdown return. and you thought things were about to turn. baltimore's way and lights go out and everything goes black for more than half a hour and they come back on and it's all san francisco. they go on a surge of offensescoring 17 points everything coming down to a final defensive stand for the ravens. 4th and 5 you saw kaepernick overthrows crabtree and ravens 34-31 winners of superbowl 47. after the game superbowl mvp joe flacco talked about what the win means. >> it hasn't sunk in yet. crazy. unbelievable. tough to put in words because it has not sunk in yet i don't think it sunk in that we are here let alone won it so it's pretty cool.
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